8 Myths about porn

myths about porn

Porn is everywhere, it can be found in movies, TV shows, books, magazines, songs, games, and even video games. People like to watch pornography because it makes them feel good about themselves or their sexuality. It’s an easy way for people to learn more about what turns women on. There are also lots of misconceptions […]

A year without sex for a girl

horny girl

Usually abstention happens suddenly: with partners it does not develop, for example. But to take and to refuse voluntarily sex only from desire to prove something to itself? It is strong. But the young American model Kendra Nostiff decided on such experiment. Very bright and attractive, by the way. She described the experience in the […]

Love and sex solution for workaholics

women at work

Let’s visit workaholics … The rich cry too? Successful, but lonely, it is often heavy to women and men to arrange private life. Why? Apparently, many would like to themselves such partner who – took place purposeful … Stumbling block – their success! That to achieve something in life, is necessary much, to work much. […]